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Deep-Clear Your Energies

Deep-Clear Your Energies Angels Raphael and Ariel through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

Angel Raphael: This is Angel Raphael. We don’t see in this pandemic scenario mass death any more than with car accidents, cancer, smoking, and so on. In the normal course of human life, in evolution, people move on; they drop their bodies and die. But we don’t see this happening on a massive scale as has been threatened in the media. We don’t see that happening for you.

If that’s helpful, you can sigh and take a deep breath and say, “Okay, well great.” If you still don’t believe it, that’s fine. That’s good. It’s most important in this time to rely on your own perceptions. Right now it might be, “Well, am I sick today? If so, does it keep me from being in joy? Am I worried? If so, why?” It’s a good time to look into your worries. What are they? Why are they surfacing now? For many of you, old fears and childhood worries are coming up strongly. The high energies that we’ve spoken about — the high vibratory energies bombarding all layers of planet Earth right now — are activating a cleansing process.

The Virus Is Not the Problem
In your case, the problem might be something in the gut or emotional system. Because so much light is hitting planet Earth, it’s very likely that something is discharging from you right now. For some of you, it might be anger. When you look around at the media or your own life/work circumstances, it’s popular to say right now: “Oh, this is because of the pandemic. It’s because of less income.” Look one layer deeper and ask yourself, “Is that true? Is that what’s going on for me right now?”