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Create the Change You Desire

Create the Change You Desire Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell

When you look at change in the long run, it is always viewed differently by history than by those who were going through it. The reason is that there are many different beliefs involved that finally lead to a specific change. Life is all about change, as life continually evolves. How changes are experienced is determined by each individual’s thoughts and beliefs. If we believe change should be fearful, then for us and all those who believe in fear, change will be fearful.

All of us are here to learn how our thoughts and beliefs manifest through all the events we experience. All the events we experience are drawn to us energetically because of the energy we hold within our thoughts and beliefs. Fear has become as powerful and frequent as it has because of how many people hold it within their thoughts and beliefs. Even though there are many people who hold fear energetically, there are still some who are not consumed by fear, and fearful experiences are not attracted to them. Whatever we hold in consciousness will be attracted to us. This has been a difficult principle for humanity to understand.

There are two major belief systems on display for humanity to view recently: fear and victimization. Fear has been revealed within the reactions of global institutions, governments, and the media to COVID-19. The fear of not doing something and being blamed for failing to protect the public has created a belief that playing it safe means shutting down the world. The full results of taking this action are only now starting to be revealed. Our leaders do not come from a metaphysical perspective and do not connect with their higher, or soul, selves, so they only have guidance from the human perspective. Humans have two basic responses, fight or flight, and the world is being shown the consequences of this type of leadership.