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Coping in Uncertain Times

Coping in Uncertain Times Phyllis Light

I’m sure you’ve noticed that life on the planet has been a bit rocky, to say the least. Although we’re attempting to return to normal, much has happened to create major uncertainty for us all. The intense and challenging Pluto-Saturn energies we have discussed continue to trigger us, and it’s important to talk about ways to cope — that is, how to ride the waves of transformation without being pummeled by them in the process.

This Pluto-Saturn period is characterized by a sort of death and then rebirth, along with feelings of having to struggle because of how hard everything seems to be. The death part of this transformation is the challenge. It is human nature to want to hold on while Pluto demands that we let go to create the space for sweeping transformation to happen. These planets are in Capricorn now, which relates to society and the social structures we have collectively built to date. We are going through deep changes both personally and collectively.

Just as the caterpillar in the cocoon dissolves before transforming into a butterfly, we are watching parts of our world seemingly dissolve due to forces that suddenly appeared and seem beyond our control or comprehension. If the caterpillar had emotions like humans do, it would probably freak out as it watched itself dissolve. It had known itself as a caterpillar, and it felt inspired to spin a cocoon and stay inside. Then suddenly, its physical structure started dissolving. That could be pretty scary — if the caterpillar had feelings and wasn’t running on genetically programmed instinctual behavior.