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A Conversation with Angels for Comfort and Clarity

A Conversation with Angels for Comfort and Clarity Angels through Denise Bennett, PhD

Angels, there is anger and violence. Can you tell us about the riots?

Yes. Take deep breaths and take notes as we share our wisdom with you. We begin by saying that nothing on your earthly plane can harm you, even the taking of life. You are eternal. Every experience is designed to bring you closer to God, to truth. If you allow it, your faith expands, and that faith affects others. That is how you help to ease global tensions. Spend time in the silence. You will not find peace outside yourself. Now let us discuss the violence that followed the killing of an innocent being.

Your technology recorded the event for all to see. And you, the collective sons of God — the points of light in their entirety — were ready for it. Do you understand the importance of this? Trust us when we say that the holding down of a brother will soon be a thing of the past, for his true power lies within. These brothers of color held their tongues for as long as they could. This soul gave his life to record the end of this ugly chapter in your history.