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Compassion for Humanity’s Grief

Compassion for Humanity’s Grief The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

How does a viral energy open the heart?

Quantum light masters, you are aware that with one drop of water, you can create all life. Indeed, one tear shed from the heart can change the entire cosmos. Your heart’s new DNA spirit superconscious, or trans-senses, can feel new life in every drop of the ocean’s liquid light. Hence, in the final stages of the awakening — offerings of the 2020 viral sequences — grief has an opportunity to open the global heart.

You are also aware that before humans move on to the choices for their next biocycle of evolution, they must grieve their old Earth creation story, just as you had to. They must grieve any misqualified energies that allowed them to be seduced by fear, control, and mental programming, as if creation and energy itself could be forced or hijacked. It was a journey into existence, not a forever identity. They must mourn the distorted energies, false dreams, and addictions to suffering, death, and disease that have kept them under a hypnotic illusion.