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To Change or Not to Change

To Change or Not to Change The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders, the first souls who came to Earth at the request of Gaia. We came here to fulfill a promise to help Gaia in her evolutionary process by becoming cocreators. As we’ve said before, we need to create twelve levels of consciousness to bridge our frequency and that of the physical Earth. This process has developed over millions of years. Human consciousness went down in vibration and is now at the level of resonating with the physical Earth.

The process of descending the frequencies of consciousness resulted in the creation of four worlds. You live in the fourth world, the world dominated by the elemental power of Earth. Because of the dominance of this elemental power, you — the humans of the fourth world — tend to be attached to physical wealth. That is why many people have more than they need and still want more.

Although you are living in a world dominated by the elemental power of earth, you have lost your connection with Earth. That is why you harm her, pollute her, and drain her of her resources. You do that without realizing that damaging Earth creates a situation that also hurts you as a species. Your physical body is built with atoms coming from Mother Earth, which makes your body a moving extension of her. That is why it is vital to take care of Mother Earth. For the human species to survive appropriately, you need to change. But what does this change mean?