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The Battle to Control Consciousness on Earth

The Battle to Control Consciousness on Earth Lady Portia and Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

There is a very large plan now playing out on Earth. Many do not fully realize what is happening, hence the need for this message. Will you choose love or fear? Many have used the emergence of the coronavirus as an opportunity to exert control over the consciousness of Earth. Realize what is at stake. Realize what is happening. Realize the important choices presented to you. Humans have never before been presented with such a stark contrast of alternatives: love or fear, freedom or control.

Witness the recent riots in many cities across the United States. You are learning a hard lesson about the effects of polarization and schisms in society. Forces of hatred can destroy society, as seen in responses to demonstrations following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. As we have often said, “Schism creates anarchy, but love creates peace!” You have the opportunity to choose between these alternatives. Which would you prefer to experience?

See the Whole Picture
We see the flames burning your cities as crowds of people riot in the streets. Is this the reality you want? If not, you can change it. There are many forces trying to take control of consciousness now for their own selfish and destructive purposes. Be aware that there are factions within your society trying to exert influence to control the consciousness of the nation at this time in your evolutionary history.