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Align with the Presence of Everything

Align with the Presence of Everything Archangel Raphael through Natalie Glasson

In loving, radiant presence, I, Archangel Raphael, greet you. May my healing energies awaken belief in your healing powers, creating a beautiful dawning of spiritual strength and creative forces within you. Now is the time to recognize what is present for you within your inner radiance. I simply act as a mirror for you to recognize the eternal presence of the Creator residing within your physical body. Everything you see, sense, and acknowledge within me is present within you as well.

The Creator begins within each of us. This is a profound statement when you accept its truth, explore it deeply, and live from it. When you are unwilling to recognize the Creator within, you believe the Creator is initiated through others, whether inner-plane lightbeings or physical people.

The Creator is your origin. All openings and awakenings of any form are born from the Creator. The Creator arises from your essence and creates through you. In every form and dimension of your being, the Creator begins within you; and all begins. This means you hold all that is the Creator within you, from the birth of the Creator to all creations, from the eternal nature of the Creator to the nothingness of the Creator. The entire journey of the Creator resides within you, whether you exist in a physical or lightbody. With this realization, you seek the Creator within rather than outside you. You recognize the power, truth, and radiance you hold within.