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Akashic Answers: Watery Wonders

Akashic Answers: Watery Wonders Amanda Romania

Amanda: Namaste and blessings. I am bringing through messages from our beautiful oceans and water worlds. At first, I wondered why this would be a subject the spirit guides wished to share during a time of readjustment in our worlds. As I tuned in more, it became very clear. I’m delighted to share these akashic answers that came through from recent clients and students.

After I met you recently and we connected to the dolphin wisdom-keepers during my session, I started to see them in my dreams again. I know this is because I’m communicating with them, but I think they have more to offer. Can you tune in and share?
— Liberty, Laguna Beach, CA

From Amanda: I loved our session and still remember going into the akashic records of your times in past lives in the oceans. What I saw and felt was this: As we move from the age of Pisces (earth) to Aquarius (air), we will see a shift of consciousness. Remember, however, that the sign of Aquarius is the water bearer, so I feel the dolphin wisdom can support us. As the stay-at-home orders shift, we will see the water energy — especially the oceans — bring us great healing.