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You Are the Transformers

You Are the Transformers Sanat Kumara and the Ascended Masters through Ingrid Auer

Greetings! I am Sanat Kumara. Would you have thought thirty or fifty years ago that you would be able to communicate over long distances as normally as you do now? In the past, you could phone, wire, or use Morse code; however, now you can go online to see each other onscreen, meet for meditation, coach each other, and offer virtual training. This has become a matter of course as the internet has become part of your everyday life.

Likewise, many things you cannot imagine now will be reality in a few years or decades — some good and some not so good. Humankind is moving upward in a coil of awareness, slowly but steadily. In doing so, we leave the darkness.

We can let go of many things on this way up, including dogma, restrictions, and paradigms. Knowledge will change and so will human truth. Your perspective will widen hugely, and you will be able to look into another dimension, our dimension.