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You Are Lightning’s Etching

You Are Lightning’s Etching The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light through Star Hinman

Know that those of you on Earth in human form are the handiwork of the gods. You are more than human, as many of you have intuited in your sacred heart of hearts. We wish to tell you the truth of your divine origin with this message. The ancient creator beings who designed and assisted in forming humanity’s physical vehicles knew and accepted this truth. It is now time for humanity to know the truth as well.

In the large sweep of the spiral galaxy, Earth is but a speck — a blue-green dot in this magnificent stretch of infinity. Humanity has long wondered about its origins while gazing up at the night sky, filled with twinkling stars amid a sea of velvet blackness. Now the truth may be revealed. You are more than human: You are divine.

Walk the hallways of your memories with the ancient ones who walked on Earth and traversed the starry pathways of the skies. Come with us now. The sacred scrolls of wisdom and knowledge are written deep within you. The knowledge is within the secret vaults of your heart and etched into the genetic coding of your very cells. Within the double helix of the DNA, you are lightning’s etching — the writing of the gods in human form.