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A Solid Foundation for a Multitude of Opportunities

A Solid Foundation for a Multitude of Opportunities The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

A clearing of the clouds of chaos and confusion continues as each member of the human kingdom crosses the bridge from the old Age of Pisces fear-generated energies over their chasm of lifetimes of fear creation onto the shore of unconditional love, harmony, and vibrational energies of the Age of Aquarius. This shift releases humanity from distorted energies that have used guilt, manipulation, and limitation in the name of love to move into authentic unconditional love energies with no agenda. Get ready for a multitude of opportunities, personally as well as on a global scale.

The Balanced Reciprocity of the Figure 8

This month, come together with like-minded communities whose goal is authenticity, cooperation, and clear, concise communication in regard to all interactions. This offers the opportunity to stop and rest on your life path at this series of crossroads. Consider all possibilities so that you focus on the call of your soul-heart and inner truth center rather than societal projections or expectations.

As the fog of confusion lifts, grand opportunities, both personal and professional, emerge. Expand into new spaces, places, careers, living arrangements, partnerships, and cooperatives empowered by truth and trust. An organic evolution that seeks more integral interactions occurs as you seek to shine the light of truth on your path in ways that express themselves to the fullest and in the best interest of all.