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Shamanic Wisdom: Empower Yourself through Shamanism

Shamanic Wisdom: Empower Yourself through Shamanism Jan Engels-Smith

Life is a journey of becoming. The goal of the journey is not in its destination; rather, it is the understanding and wisdom that emerges from the journey. My hope is that as you read this article, you will be filled with wonder and an interest in pursuing further learning and experiences in shamanism. Practicing and exploring the shamanic landscape offers everyone the opportunity to discover anew what we once knew and benefit from the wisdom that is still available to us. I have witnessed the transformation, vitalization, and growth of thousands of people — including myself — who have found healing, fulfillment, and joy in this journey.

What is shamanism? I am asked this question daily. Looking back in history, shamanism is an ancient tradition that dates back at least 40,000 years and was a part of most ancient indigenous cultures. Shamanism is a healing method based on the understanding that all experiences affect one’s soul; thus, all healing comes through the soul. Once the soul is healed, other healings can manifest in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. I believe this perception of the mended and healthy soul that brings healing to all aspects of one’s being is truer than most people realize.

We are a soul/spirit having a human experience. When we realize this and address the soul in healing, we will be healthier in our minds, bodies, and emotions.