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Rise into the New Vibration

Rise into the New Vibration Norma and Adora and Marna - Pleiadian Beings through Jenine Beecher

Jenine: Norma, Adora, and Marna are here with me right now. Norma, what would you like to bring in for us? What would you like to share?

Norma: We must all rise into the new vibration. You can feel it in your bones, the threads of your muscles, and the nuances of your skin. You can feel it in the chills up your spine, neck, and back of your head.

You know that you’re being asked to do more, and you may have been procrastinating in your work. No longer sit idly by on those things that you know you need to get done. It’s time to take on the challenges of your life with a widened perspective and change your direction. Make your move. Make that shift you’ve been thinking about because it’s time to come into your body and create in this lifetime, in this vibration, on this planet Earth.