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Respect Is the Key to Peace and Love

Respect Is the Key to Peace and Love The White Buffalo People from the Pleiades through Jaap van Etten

Jaap: There are many versions of the legend of White Buffalo Calf woman. To place the channeling in a larger context, I will summarize some common elements found in the stories.1 In a time of great hunger, before the arrival of horses, the Lakota People gathered to discuss what to do. They decided to send out hunters in pairs. During their hunt, two warriors saw a woman of great beauty floating toward them. One of them desired her. When he approached her, a cloud appeared. When the cloud disappeared, there was only a pile of bones. She told the more spiritual-minded warrior to go to his people and tell them that she would visit them with gifts. A couple of days later, she came and taught them many things, including the seven sacred rituals. The teachings of the sacred pipe are the best known. One of her major teachings is that the earth is sacred; it needs to be honored and respected.

When she left, she told the Lakota People that she would return one day, and her return would be a signal of an era of peace. I have read and heard different versions of her return. Some stories say that she will return as a white buffalo, and others say she will return as a white animal. However, there is a certain consensus that the birth of a white buffalo calf, named Miracle Moon, in Flagstaff on August 20, 1994, was a sign of her return. Since then, more white buffalos have been born. Some believe that this is a sign that we need to honor and respect Native traditions and stop abusing Mother Earth.2