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Reestablish Your Soul-Mind Connection

Reestablish Your Soul-Mind Connection Lord Melchizedek through Natalie Glasson

Like a cosmic flower, I open the petals of my soul to you to allow the vivid, sacred, and intensely loving light of the core of my being to pour into your reality — aura, body, and soul. We exist within an extraordinarily vast universe akin to the garden fashioned and tended by the Creator. I am the flower head that you can rest upon, protected by my powerful petals that encapsulate you in the purest vibration of light. I am the vast pale golden sun shining upon your face, heart, and soul. Accept my warmth and cosmic love as it beams onto you.

I am the air that flows naturally into your body and encircles your being. I am the caretaker, nurturer, and affectionate devotee to the Creator’s garden. I am the Creator’s universe. I am a unified aspect of the Creator. I oversee every aspect of the universe, small or large. My energy exists within all because I am an expression of the Creator’s love and consciousness; an overseer and guiding light for all on Earth.

Please understand that I am here to support you and help you overcome the challenges of Earth school and to comprehend the truth of the Creator. I am your mother, father, brother, and sister. I am the soil that you stand upon and the sky above you. I am your soul; you are my soul. We are the Creator in manifestation on Earth and its inner planes.