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Prepare for the Next Benevolent World

Prepare for the Next Benevolent World Jesus of the Light and Buddha and Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

All right, I will say my name later.


Right now, I must comment on something that has started again on the planet just with human beings. This is a war of good and evil within each person. I know that this has been discussed many times by many others. But I simply want to say this: The last flood (although there have been many floods) was Mother Earth’s way of saying, “Stop what you are doing, and maybe I will let you start again at some point.” So before the last flood, people were experiencing that struggle within themselves, and of course, most people do not commit actual evil. Evil is harming without cause or without any sentiment; in short, it is harming with a wide field and harming whoever happens to be handy. I think Zoosh described it best by calling it self-destructive.

So this is happening now. Suicides are becoming more frequent, and granted, sometimes they are personal issues. Sometimes, however, it’s because people feel crowded; there is literally no place to go to have peace. Also, the violent attacks are provoked (for the most part) and are all symptoms of this struggle between good and evil. I am not going to go on about it because much has been said through other channels and, I might add, by religions about this. I will simply say this: For those of you who practice living prayer and benevolent magic, I’m going to give you something to say. First say this: