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The Powerful Benefits of a Spiritual Program

The Powerful Benefits of a Spiritual Program Nancy Robinson

Living spiritually is a choice that takes time, commitment, and effort. It also requires a willingness to take an honest look at yourself and your life and make changes. A spiritual program requires consciously acting and behaving at a higher level of love and awareness. My personal choice of spiritual programs includes completing twelve-step work, working with crystal skulls, and using vibrational healing energies to help me change and grow. Others choose yoga, meditation, an uplifting church environment, spiritual community, or other groups that focus on positive attitudes and living. Although this takes effort, the payoffs are powerful and have joyful, far-reaching effects. There are many benefits of such programs.

Not feeling so alone and lonely: A spiritual program helps develop a stronger connection to your higher self/soul, angelic assistance, and universal support. It empowers you as you realize that you’re connected to something much bigger than yourself. With this, you receive more inspired solutions and higher guidance that can help problems seem less daunting and overwhelming. This connection also increases self-worth and will lessen feelings of neediness or desperation for others’ approval since you now have validation coming from within and from a higher source instead.

Negative and difficult situations diminish: As you practice new ways of thinking and behaving, they start replacing old ineffective reactions. As a result, others start responding more positively. New behaviors, such as choosing to think before responding or to wait for higher guidance before reacting, become a habit. These healthier behaviors create better outcomes, more joy, and reduce or eliminate trauma and drama.