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Open to a New Society of Love

Open to a New Society of Love Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

A new world is coming to your Earth plane, and the higher self of every person on this planet is standing at attention. Each soul is at a critical point in the evolutionary process that is in full swing. Mother Earth is evolving, and hopefully so are you. You may have felt Mother Earth’s physical body shifting, and her emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are shifting too.

This evolutionary process is a powerful collective force of the Creator’s light that is woven throughout the universe into every sentient being, planet, star, and celestial light that you can imagine, and you most certainly are part of this one creator force. You are part of the one light of creation. Pay attention to your feelings, and know that love is the powerful force of evolution within you. You may not recognize this shift when you do something commonplace, such as move to a new apartment or create a new relationship, but it may be part of your great shift to where you need to be.

When you feel the depths of one light’s love within you, you’ll never be the same. It is a turning point in your evolution and your understanding of love. Many of you are feeling this now: Lightworkers are awakening, and people are shifting into love. Though you may not hear about this in your daily news, it is happening. People are feeling an awakening to love and saying, “I feel different. I cannot be who I was.” Isn’t that beautiful? Beyond all the gloom and doom in the news grows a person-to-person network of those communicating in love and compassion for one another. A new world is being created within you. Tune in and feel it.