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The New Era of Merging Dimensions

The New Era of Merging Dimensions The Collective Soul of Your Galaxy through Carolyn Gervais

Greetings to all! We are the collective aspect of all that you are as a conscious spiritual being on and beyond your earthly realm.

As humanity climbs the ladder of ascension, your physical world shifts into a new way of expressing life on Earth/Gaia. Everything you thought you knew and understood is radically evolving inside and outside of your being as we speak. New, unusual experiences will take place around and within you. For example, your channel at times wakes up to a staggered, loud double knock on her bedroom wall in the early morning. The sound creates a flash of white light to her inner eyes as she opens them, startled. She also wakes up at times to what feels like someone’s hand gently moving her toes on one foot back and forth until she opens her eyes. She also feels an invisible hand on her lower leg, shoulder, head, back, or neck when going to sleep. These experiences are not what you humans call a ghost or an energy imprint of someone who has passed on.

The Mysteries of Life