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Navigate through Life with Golden Illumination

Navigate through Life with Golden Illumination The Divine Directors through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

We are here with reverent joy, presence, love, and enthusiasm. May these gifts first come forward today. Simply hear the word “Esseenah.” Now say, “Esseenah.” For your world is again breathing Esseenah.1 The Esseenah breath allows you to experience the flow of divine presence while illuminating the gift of divine wisdom. This is a powerful moment for those who choose to ignite this. And for those who choose not to ignite it in this moment, the ignition is still available. It will be different, yet similar, to those who consciously choose the ignition.

The moment of divine wisdom is the moment that transcends (we carefully select the word here) organization. Let us share, as this might invoke a question. If organization dissolves, is there only disorganization? Discovered within organization will be disorganization. The presence of the disorganization naturally calls forward reunification into oneness.

To remember and relax into the knowing and be one with the divine flow is to once more remember that there are twelve worlds of density. All are at the point of reunification right now. We are here, in this moment, to share about this world experience, and we will go slowly.