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The Myth of Forgiveness Ascends

The Myth of Forgiveness Ascends The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Biolight masters, forgiveness will ascend back into divine memory. As you reenter the infinity stargates of new bioquantum multi-light energy fields, you are (or will be) creating in the new energies. How did these energies evolve for use in new applications? If you view your universe through the eyes of self-realization’s free energy rather than the old Earth energy of extreme polarity, then the truth of humanity’s divine origins reveals itself. Rather than the brutal savages humanity has been purported to be by the ancient, misguided, and antiquated creator-god beings who wished to colonize Earth for its precious minerals and use Homo sapiens’ labor force and their DNA for a genetic laboratory, the truth is that the human spirit has provided a new species bioheart imprint, or template, for all creation.

Indeed, Creator Earth school continues to balance and solve ancient distortions so that all cosmic beings better understand the freewill DNA codes of evolution in service to all life. This included the choice of becoming a humanoid soul-essence being within your local universe in order to become a conscious-soul sovereign creator. When you came forth into this universe, the Creator asked that you help build this local universe and then experience every possible potential within it. You did this through archetypal roles with your spirit, soul, and human families by exchanging all possible roles, lifetimes, and essence quality expressions within your DNA blueprints. This included being everything from a particle DNA cell code for a universe, a galactic warrior, an energy wave band of light, and a human mom, dad, or child. These waveforms of consciousness could be DNA-essence pattern codes, energy patterns, particles, dense forms, sense expressions, existences, or lifetimes — or any life form potential you can imagine.

In this universal school of potentials, as creators you have mastered marriage and family, genetic free will, space-time atoms, and quantum energy exchanges in new cosmic matter. You have even lived all the various creation myths. This included any distortions of trapping, forcing, controlling, or abusing life’s evolution that arose as freewill choices began to become distorted by other creators like you. For example, there were those who interfered and forced evolution from inside and outside the universe with different agendas or DNA codes to promulgate a slave trade and mind-control right to rule bleed-through as mental simulations.