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The Light Comes from You

The Light Comes from You Angels Ariel and Raphael through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

Angel Ariel: From our angelic perspective, the light comes from within you; it does not come from without. Yet, you tend to look for light outside yourself to call God, the universe, or the higher self. When you say “higher self,” you place this light outside of you and then try to come into resonance, or alignment, with these higher energies.

You Have Already Arrived

It is a bit of a joke, really. We do not mean this in a cruel sense, but it is comical that you carry this glowing light — the heart of all, the source of all — within you yet look outside yourselves to find it in the view of another or some other place. Often you want to put it in a future time when you think you’ll be more in resonance with your greatest self.

In this exact moment, you exist in the core of your being as the living light. You are the highest vibration of yourself. Right now, you are the highest expression of what you have to give on Earth and what you have to receive and be a part of.