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Let Go of Pretending

Let Go of Pretending Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings. I am Teacher, and I’ve come forth to speak with you about pretending. I’m not talking about pretending as a way to be positive about yourself and your journey; I’m talking about pretending that you need to be a certain way in order to ______, (and you can fill in the blank there). For example, there is a belief that if you act a certain way, you will get the results you want. Now, in some instances, this might be true. But how long can you continue to pretend to be a certain way on the outside?

I, Teacher, am concerned about you and care about you. That’s why I’m addressing this practice of pretending. You see, my dears, it’s just another way of being false to yourself — another way of devaluing who you really are. And yes, I realize that in this world — and especially within your experience of cause and effect — there might be certain ways that seem to promote success, but aren’t you a bit tired of pretending?

Shed Your Personas