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Know You Have Free Choice

Know You Have Free Choice Master Kuthumi through Therese Dorer

Therese: I see an open landscape, and striding toward me is Master Kuthumi with his hands outstretched and a huge smile on his face. I feel his wisdom and love as he enfolds us in light, love, and truth.

Master Kuthumi: Welcome all who choose to read these words. I am here for you, and my love is unwavering. I have chosen to be here on this side of the veil to support, love, and embrace you. I am steadfast in my love for you. I know from walking in the human body and living numerous human lives that doubt, worry, and concern are a daily struggle. I now have the privilege of having seen life from both sides of the veil. To support each of you, I am committed to hold you in the love, light, and truth as you make your journey upon Earth.

My words at the beginning of this talk are intentional, “to all who choose to read these words.” You have free choice on Earth, and you can choose many different pathways. The pathways you choose create the experiences and knowledge gleaned from each lifetime. All this is held for you by your soul source, which is a compilation of each lifetime and all you have experienced in each lifetime.