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It’s Time to Set Your Love Free

It’s Time to Set Your Love Free Inspired Guidance through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Dear ones, be aware of the opportunity to become a vessel of healing and love as you hold the great light magnified and streamlined through your heart. During this time, you will encounter many teachers. Some are incarnate, others are dimensional, and others come on the nuances and waves of light.

What Your Reflection Reveals

At the beginning of this season, the energy of Gemini dueled with itself, and you felt pulled in every direction. Like a whirlwind, your thoughts gathered in daily dust devils. They distracted you from the truly important and asked you to lend a hand in situations you would have rather not addressed. The dark and the light of the astrological twins demanded that you make peace with the darkness within and without.

In this place of many mirrors, there is no good or bad, no right or wrong. There is only reflection. Within the reflection, there dwells a sword of light that lances what has poisoned your body, mind, and soul. This allows the healing to begin, discharging the illusion of cause and effect. All the sleight of hand that presented itself over time will be seen naked and exposed in the striking solar light, thus creating new timelines that usher Earth into a place beyond where she once resided.