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How to Live Your Greatest Version

How to Live Your Greatest Version The Spirit of Wholeness through Thelma Bodnar

Dear ones, as you ponder your presence on your Earth plane, how do you choose to be? What does your wholeness and understanding call forward for you? Do you dwell on joy, happiness, and peace? Or are those inspirational endeavors of another kind — desirable but unattainable?

Be Your Best to Help Others

What are the highlights of your life? Your family, children, work, and vacations certainly appear at the top of your list. But what about self-fulfillment? What makes you rise to greet your higher self, your higher goals? What aspect of your beingness makes you most proud? Why not do a quick mapping of your inner goals and accomplishments to see what comes to the surface for you?

It doesn’t take long to see your highs and lows. How much more is required to get over that last hurdle or pursue another path to achieve your goals? You have mastered many things since coming to Earth, but I’m guessing you have much more on your list to access and acknowledge in order to become your best.