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Don’t Do It if It Doesn’t Bring You Joy

Don’t Do It if It Doesn’t Bring You Joy The Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

Ascension is the realization that the Home you have searched for is already here. Many of you have raised your vibration every day by meditation, cleansing, and clearing unsoulful ideas, beliefs, and energies from your physical minds and bodies, only to realize in your final ascension work that you are already Home. You have always searched for the next thing to make you feel whole and loved when it is you. The search for Home calls you, and occasionally you feel you have reached Home in meditation or a class, but Home is really just who and where you are now.

Ascension is finally knowing with all your being that you are the highest of the high. You are the highs of the heights of God/Goddess energy right here. You are the higher beings, the angels, the gods, and your higher self. You have never left the realms of the God/Goddess; you are just playing a game of not knowing. You are the ones you searched for, prayed to, and loved all this time. You are the ascended masters you seek to be.

What is it like living as an ascended being? Ascension isn’t a place, a space, or a time: It is who you really are. You know who you are. You are oneness. It is impossible to put into words, but my great loves, you are Home. The space you hold now is Home. It is the highest ascension. It is the furthest evolution possible. Oneness is ascension to the highest point of evolution where you know who you are, who you always have been, and who you always will be.