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Be the Truth You Seek

Be the Truth You Seek One Life through Catherine Weser

We look into the world as it appears at this time, and there is confusion over what is truth and what is not truth. Can all things be both true and not true? How can you understand what is if truth is relative and unreliable?

To understand the nature of truth, first understand the nature of reality. While philosophers and teachers have espoused many differing understandings of the nature of reality. It doesn’t matter whether you can describe your notion of reality or you cannot describe your notion of reality. Whatever might be real for you contains, or simply is, everything you perceive. Reality is not a thing but more of a condition — a state of being within which all phenomena arise and disperse as perceived by the perceiver in whatever way the perceiver perceives.

Experience might be another name for reality. What exists for you as reality is mostly your experience of reality, your experience having no requirements. Any experience is sufficient, including all thoughts, feelings, and all that in any way is life. Reality is everything — imagined and illusory as well as tangible and seemingly substantial.