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Astrology: the Key for Conscious Parenting

Astrology: the Key for Conscious Parenting Universal Wisdom through Nansea Lee

The soul chooses when to be born and which astrological birth chart would benefit its journey in the physical body, even if the child was born premature or by a scheduled C-Section. Your doctors can guess when the child’s birth will be, but the soul knows the opportune time. When the child is born, the astrological birth chart is created, which carries a rainbow of energy infused into your body at the time of birth.

The birth chart reveals layers and layers of the personality, psychological and emotional needs, and what will feed the child’s heart and soul. It also uncovers past life patterns and what the soul really needs to accomplish in this lifetime to evolve.

Often we hear mothers comment, “My second child is so different from my first.” There is a reason for this, and astrology holds many of these answers. The astrological birth chart’s energy reveals your unique personality. With this information, parents can gain insights concerning their child’s personal needs for development.