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Ask the Angels: Do What Is Right for You

Ask the Angels: Do What Is Right for You Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Were you given any ways to live this life that would make us happier?

— Janine, e-mail question

From the angels: Yes, we will tell you the wonderful ways to make the world better. You must feel free to be yourself. Do not only what others expect but also what you feel is right for you. You must express yourself in whatever way you deem correct.

Be the best likeness of your perfect soul. Strive to be the most perfect person, as you are seen not only by the souls of Earth but also by those in God’s heavens.

Let your soul express you in all your perfection. Let your soul lead your body, not the opposite. The mind of a soul remains the same as when embodied. Be not led by the senses. Senses bring joy to the soul through the body.