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Your Monadic and Soul Families

Your Monadic and Soul Families Amma through Cathy Chapman

It is always wonderful to consciously gather with you. I’m going to talk about soul families and monadic families. Those are not addressed often. I don’t believe I’ve addressed them before.

Let me explain this for those not familiar with these families. Your monadic family contains twelve soul families. According to what many people have written, each soul family has twelve members, which means there are 144 souls, you being one of them, in your monad.

Think of these numbers in a symbolic manner. There are soul families with twelve members, and there are twelve soul families within the monad, which is the usual number. There can be more or less soul families in a monad when soul families shift from one monad to another, which happens occasionally. More often, a soul shifts from one soul family to another, which might mean a shift to another monad. You may change soul families as you, in your infinity, explore various energies.