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You Must Choose Now: the High Road or the Low Road?

You Must Choose Now: the High Road or the Low Road? One of the Founders through Robert Shapiro

Greetings, I am one of the Founders. This is a time when you must choose the world you are personally going to live in. You cannot make this choice for others. Even if you love them dearly, only they can choose.

You have to decide whether you’re going to be angry, resentful, and “get them back” and all that stuff or whether you’re going to forgive, allow, and be. It’s as simple as that. Try to keep it within that context because this time is stretched out very thin. It’s like an intersection: You can take the high road, or you can take the low road. That means not just up and down, but the low road is in a canyon and subject to fires and floods.

The high road is up almost in the clouds and only experiences a light rain, sunshine, or stars at night. I know that’s just a visual. What I mean to say is you’ve been going through an intersection, all human beings on Earth, for some time now. But you’re at the outer edges of that, and you can just do nothing. If you do nothing, whatever event is dominant, you’ll just go with the flow. But the flow may not be the high road. The flow might be the low road. If it’s the low road, it won’t be happy, and it won’t be good. You might have a few moments of, “Yeah, we got ’em.” But now when that happens, no matter how justified it seems to be in your mind, there’s always a payback, and that goes on and on. It’s an endless cycle. So I suggest you choose the high road.