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You Can Only Move as Fast as the Lowest Vibration

You Can Only Move as Fast as the Lowest Vibration The Keeper of Time and Merlia through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time. I am here on this day to intersect your timeline for just a few moments. Take a breath to realize where you are. The time frame of planet Earth has sped up, and now you’re in an entirely new dimension of time. You’ve stepped out of circular time and into spiral time.

Many of you find this adjustment challenging, as is evident in many of the structures of planet Earth, for example, in businesses and governments. We are all in this major stretch right now adjusting to a new frame of time as part of your fifth-dimensional reality. Oh, yes. We told you some years ago that you’ve stepped into the fifth dimension, but this is such a major change, dear ones. It takes years for you to adjust, for you to alter yourself in this way, and now you are here at a unique time for planet Earth. You are here to assist in the changes taking place.

There are many changes taking place with the physical body. As we’ve mentioned, you will be losing density over time, carrying more light, and moving into your bioluminescence in a whole different way. But today, I’d like to take you back to about twenty years ago when we started this work with the Keeper. We decided to have a sign off, or tagline — whatever you wish to call it. We always say three simple reminders: (1) treat each other with respect, (2) nurture one another, and (3) play well together. We know the last one is sometimes difficult for humans.