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Technology and a New Energy

Technology and a New Energy Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

It is very important that we connect with you this day. There are events coming soon as a result of a specific type of energy that has recently struck (and continues to strike) your planet. These events will have grand results in humans. We tell you this so that you and others with whom you share this missive will be well prepared for the energy and will use it to its best and highest benefit.

The energy is very dense and may be felt by many as deep emotions, including depression. The purpose of this energy is to slow humans down so that they can observe more clearly how they are currently behaving in all aspects of their lives.

The majority of humans have gotten off track and off purpose. They have lost the original directions that were intentioned for a specific reason. Now it is as if you are all running around at full speed, heedless of direction. If you have ever disturbed a nest of ants and have witnessed them scurrying every which way, going first one way and then abruptly turning and running in another direction, this is what humanity looks like to us now. There is no purpose to the ways you are moving. As such, you have lost the original intent of your existence.