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Signs and Synchronicities

Signs and Synchronicities Sara Wiseman

There are many ways to move through life, make decisions, and move forward on a path. How you move through your life depends on your understanding of how the universe works: how it communicates with you, how it guides you, and how it leads you to your highest possibility in this lifetime.

The universe works to guide us in many ways. One of the most important is through synchronicities. For many centuries, we’ve been taught that rational, left-brained reasoning was the best way to make decisions: We should think logically and make choices based on facts or numbers or statistics. We’ve also been taught to follow group thought, or herd mentality, to make decisions based on what others in the group think or do. The group might be large, such as all of mainstream society. It might be smaller, such as a particular tribe within cultures, religions, nationalities, companies, and teams.

We know now that both these methods of decision making are limited. They’re like trying to create Michelangelo’s works in the Sistine Chapel with only the colors black and white. This is because both thought practices are devoid of soul perspective.