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In Service to Love

In Service to Love Thoth through Darlene Green

Good day. It is I, Thoth, stepping to the forefront of this divine conversation in this immaculate moment. Those present to witness this action of love are many. Those in observance also contribute their light and fine resonance of love for the healing of all. Toward the forefront of this conversation and in collaboration with you and the matrix are Infinite Oneness, Isis, Melchizedek, Metatron, Sanat Kumara, the Guardians of Light, the Legions of Light, the Elohim, and the Council of the Golden Heart. Your scribe asks, “What shall we speak of today?”

We speak of love and experience its rapturous essence. Our knowing and remembering of love asks, “What of the absence of love?” One cannot speak of love without acknowledging the opposite side of the coin. Love’s opposite is “not-love.” Why do we speak of this? This is a time of inclusion. All creation is divine expression, so there are only gradients of love. The presence of love is easy to see. In the absence of love, the light presence is shallow, inhabited by more “not-light.”

As we embrace all creation on equal footing, we are within the structure of and hold the key to unity consciousness. As we stand in the light of love, we hold space for the full expression of love. Loving love is easy. Is it easy to love not-love? The daily news contains events that are beyond reflections of political turmoil and represent acts driven by not-love. Your prayers contain desperate requests and demands for the prevailing winds of love to wipe away all not-love. We say that all is love. As you hold the high consciousness space of love, instead of reacting, consider applying the balm of love to heal the chasm of consciousness.