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The Process of Expanding Consciousness

The Process of Expanding Consciousness Uriel through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. Peace to all beings. Peace to all beings. Now, what’s occurring in your world is that you’re feeling things in your auric field. You’re trying to translate it into words in the mental intellectual capacity, and you can’t. You will have to go with the feelings in your auric field now, and that’s why it’s important to stay in the heart chakra. You have to balance.

The brain gets it last. The brain gets it last. In the instructional teachings, you’re the temple of yourself. The brain is what gets the enlightenment. As in heaven, so on Earth. The lower portion of your skull on the back of your head is the Earth portion. The front portion of your skull, your forehead, is the heaven portion. So you have to think correctly in heaven to get Earth aligned. And right now you’re going to Earth to align with heaven. So peace to all beings and mercy.

You have to learn to stay in the light of yourself. You’re picking up the auric field. It’s an electrical frequency called light and harmony. And when light and harmony are not here, you get distortion and distraction and all the competition and the verbiage. We’ve told you before that the truth is between the words, so the fewer the words, the purer the truth. You’re learning that now.