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The Power of Flexibility… to a Point

The Power of Flexibility… to a Point Phyllis Light

I always focus on how to help humanity, looking at what each human being needs to better his or her lot in life and become all that he or she can be. I was pondering how we create problems for ourselves and what we might be able to do to make our lives easier. I realized that being flexible is a huge key.

When we are flexible, we don’t break each time we face a new crisis or obstacle in our lives. Being flexible allows us to flow with the change life brings, whether it is something we anticipated or not, and usually it’s not! The more rigid we are and the more we are attached to certain outcomes, the more life throws us for a loop each time something unexpected or unwanted happens.

Being flexible is tremendously helpful in the emotional realm. That is, if you flow with all that life brings to you — both good and bad — then you will feel a lot better and be more comfortable as you go through life. Life always brings changes, whether we hold on to what we have or not. The third-dimensional world is temporal and by nature is always changing.