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Lead with Your Goddess Light

Lead with Your Goddess Light Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

In the loving light of all life, it is no secret that on this planet, you are in a time of great change and evolutionary motion. Many have spoken about this aspect of what is happening — this great shift. But do you also understand the essential role that love plays in the process? The love I’m speaking of will move you into and through the greater parts of your individual great shift, and what occurs for you personally affects all humanity, for there truly is no separation.

Now, you may not feel the effect of your individual journey on the collective light of humanity, but it is there. Though it is not always obvious, you are channeling light from your higher selves into an energetic weave that holds the love of all humans. What one of you does affects the whole of this human weave as well as all the energetic weaves of Earth — the plant weave, the animal weave, the mineral weave, and so on.

This new dimensional energy is a force of evolution that cannot be stopped. Feel the love of your higher selves guiding you, and focus on that guidance. You have waited lifetimes for just this time. The higher selves of everyone on this planet are aware of this and unified in playing their respective parts in this great shift. The movement is forward, ever forward, into a new world and a new awareness of love.