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The Importance of Staying Centered

The Importance of Staying Centered Paul Hudon

The other day as I was texting with a friend about her challenging day, I advised her to stay centered. What does staying centered truly mean? I work at staying centered as I receive messages from my inner voice, but how can a person stay centered through a challenging day, and why is staying centered important? To answer these questions, I asked my inner voice.

What does staying centered mean?

To truly stay centered is to maintain emotional stability that prevents a person from falling into the array of negative emotions. These negative emotions can take over a person’s state of mind, which will affect the outcome of the present situation. Imagine that your puppy chews a hole in your favorite sweater. Yes, this is disheartening, but the sweater is just an object that you attach happiness to. The puppy knows no difference between your sweater and its chew toy.