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The GPS of Consciousness

The GPS of Consciousness Dawn C. Meyer

“Come on, just pick one!’’ Have you ever been frozen in your inability to make a choice? Where does that come from? Maybe it stems from childhood, being told what to do instead of being asked what you wanted. If that continued too long, you likely just obeyed your parents and did what was asked of you to avoid conflicts. When you get used to a way of behaving, it becomes automatic, and you often get stuck with an outcome you don’t really want — something you can’t change without being considered a failure or a quitter.

It’s no wonder you don’t think you have choices and possibility in your life. That’s how you were raised. But there is another way. You can ask questions.

Use Your Inner GPS

When you are searching for things to help you create the life you’d like to have, look at them like the GPS in your car or on your phone. Its purpose is to guide you. The various people in your life and your belief systems you use for guidance may tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. But just like your GPS, they can’t force you to do any of them.