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Feel the Creation of Your Lightbody

Feel the Creation of Your Lightbody Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

The Goddess has returned to Earth in full force. She is in all. To bring her out, create. Create immensely! Encircle yourself with light. Actually draw a circle of light around your body: Use your finger, a wand, or a sword. It is all imagination. Stand firmly in your circle, and imagine the energy of the Goddess swirling up from all around you, encompassing your entire body. Stand in this wonderful golden-white Goddess light. Allow it to swirl around and through you.

Do the infinity breath exercise: Breathe in through the front of your heart, out the back, up the spine (lighting it up), then up and over your head, and return to the front of the heart. Exhale as you go through the heart and then down your back to touch the earth and move up to enter the front of the heart. Do this twelve times, and then rest in your heart for a moment. See energy burst from your heart in great circles from the front and then the back in love, light, peace, joy, and compassion.

See creativity and inspiration burst from your heart. Imagine it connecting to your third eye and shooting out your crown chakra, traveling infinitely. Ask me, the Supreme Creator Goddess, to connect to your light beam, entering the top of your head and filling you and your circle with amazing love light. Release this energy into the core of Mother Earth. You are connected to her forever.