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Exercise Caution in Your Commitments

Exercise Caution in Your Commitments Donna Taylor

We live in a time when it’s all too easy to overextend ourselves. Some of us overextend emotionally by giving too much, and others overextend financially by taking on too much debt. Some people overextend their physical energy, perhaps by exercising too hard or not getting enough sleep. Others push beyond their limits by overworking and some by striving to achieve. Chances are that you fall into at least one of these categories; it is rare that a person lives in total balance and harmony. This is largely due to the state of the world we live in. Just as a fish is bound to be affected by the quality of the water it swims in, so too are we affected by the social climate, and right now, we live in a climate that is hectic, ambitious, rushed, and anxious.

So if you’re already overextending yourself in some way and you’re stretched to your limit, then this message is gently informing you that the astrological climate could exacerbate things to the extent that something could pop. Jupiter’s square to the Sun reflects taking on too much. This is the energy of saying yes when, really, you should say no. This could be a time that you decide you can get all your work done and fit in an extra social engagement before dashing off on holiday at the end of the week.

If you tend to overextend yourself, then you need to approach August knowing that something will have to give. With Mars and Mercury both retrograde, trying to initiate new things or striving for progress and achievement is probably going to be counterproductive. Not only that, but Mars is square Uranus — a rebellious, frustrated energy if ever there was one. This is a time when unexpected events could disrupt your plans. Perhaps the car breaks down, your body gives way, you have a little accident, or something else happens that stops you in your tracks. To avoid these scenarios, ask yourself why you’re so driven or why you’re feeling rebellious.