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Excavation of Self

Excavation of Self Jesus through Virginia Ellen

This modern-day revelation of Jesus’s original yoga sheds light on his path to create a union between the human self and the divine self. Bring a new self-awareness into your life to find the truth of love, deep peace, spontaneous joy, and fulfillment of your life’s purpose, which has eluded you for too long.

This is a multilayered process. Each time you practice Sacred Heart yoga, you dive deeper into the soul, into the self. Layer upon layer of purification will occur in the process. Then one day you will find love so pure that it brings tears of joy to your heart and a deep and profound opening of the sacred heart, which leads to a flow of holy wisdom. The all-knowing mind of the heart speaks through you, loves through you, and heals through you.

Through the precious practice of Sacred Heart Yoga, I have become a Christ and now possess many new and wondrous gifts. It has been such a joy to watch others blossom as their sacred hearts expand and open. It is a rich and full love to pass on this holy wisdom.