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The Emergence of Past Lives and the Great Nostalgia

The Emergence of Past Lives and the Great Nostalgia Michael Goddart

There are moments of being when time collapses and who you were in a past life emerges. It can be very subtle, but if you are keenly aware, you can focus and learn about another life you have lived. These moments of being may come in many ways. A scene in a movie, a melody you hear, or something you read might trigger them, waking a feeling that is familiar and distant in your awareness. Most people do not notice them, but if you are truly attentive at such a moment, you might be able to reside in that feeling. If you focus on it and wonder what it means, that may ultimately lead you to the recovery of a past life.

A good possibility is that what you’ve experienced is a sanskara, an impression from a past life. When I began to recover my past lives on March 14, 2013, it became clear to me that most of my previous unaccountable feelings and memories were, in fact, sanskaras.

Past lives may emerge in other ways. A common experience for some is déjà vu, which is French for “already seen.” That is the meaning here, instead of the common interpretation that a new situation has occurred before. Have you ever gone somewhere new but, on arriving, it felt hauntingly familiar, as if you had been there before? Well, there’s a good possibility that you were there in another lifetime.