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Embrace Your Human Nature

Embrace Your Human Nature Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and I come forth to speak with you for just a few moments. Why do I come forth? Because, my dears, you are most amazing beings. You are in the midst of gigantic battles on Earth, and still you remain in the spirit and frequency of love, peace, and caring for yourselves in ways that promote wholeness of being. That’s saying a lot. Yes, you are amazing beings.

Now, what can be done about this situation on Earth? Do you really want to know? Here’s the answer: The more you reside within your inner peace and in your knowing that you are of the whole (as every being on this Earth is, regardless of the physical actions they take), the more you hold the integrity of truth incarnate. And that, as you say, is not small potatoes. I’m not saying there aren’t other actions that you may or may not choose to take, but the regular maintenance of your inner peace has an effect that cannot be denied.

Now, let’s imagine something together, shall we? Let’s just imagine that the world is a peaceful place: There are no wars, no battles, and no trying to make some people be a certain way according to others’ beliefs. Let’s imagine that nature is whole and that the land and waters are beautifully pristine. Let’s imagine that you are in the most perfect health and so are the ones you love. Right.