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Create an Energetic Connection beyond Physical Life

Create an Energetic Connection beyond Physical Life Mona Khad

Most people reading this likely agree there is life beyond physical death, but not all would agree on how to maintain connection with our loved ones after their departure. There are two elements to consider:

First, ask yourself whether you had an energetic connection with the loved one in this life. If you did not, you probably won’t be able to achieve one after their death. This is not limited to blood relations. I had a strong energetic bond with my mother-in-law, for example.

My mother-in-law imposed a bond between us by what I now understand was a purposeful projection of love onto our relationship from the very beginning. She ended all our conversations by stating, “I will always love you.” It was an unusual thing to say, and it annoyed me at first because I didn’t feel it in my heart enough to reciprocate. Later I realized, she wasn’t necessarily feeling it; rather, she was creating it!