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Bliss Restores Alignment with the Creator

Bliss Restores Alignment with the Creator Celestial White Beings through Natalie Glasson

Greetings to you, magnificent beings of light. We honor and love you in this moment and always. Our purpose is to awaken the bliss of the Creator within you and to encourage you to move into the natural vibrations of love of your being and beyond, embodying the bliss of the Creator. To embody that bliss is to experience the liberation, ecstasy, and peace of all that is the Creator. In doing so, you are as one with the Creator. All separation dissolves, and you see yourself as an integrated consciousness with the awareness and realization of the Creator. To seek bliss within you and others is a beautiful goal; however, to realize you are an embodiment of bliss is a far more rewarding experience. It is through an embodiment of love that the source of bliss within you can be accessed. Bliss is your inner happiness, magic, and the perfection of the Creator. It is healing, awakening, transforming, and uplifting.

We, the Celestial White Beings, invite you to rest your attention on the source of unconditional love within your being. As you rest in this most sacred aspect of yourself that unites you with the Creator, we invite you to breathe deeply into love with the intention of becoming one with the vibration of love within you. As you practice this, a moment will come when a surge of energy will fill you. That surge might feel like excitement erupting within you. This is you connecting with the bliss within you to unite your consciousness with the Creator and experience the pleasure of that union. This practice can be achieved often, and in doing so, it will gain momentum and power within you, enhancing your experience of love, bliss, and divine union with the Creator. You may find that your understanding of who you are as a spiritual being develops as well as your awareness of and link to the Creator.

The vibration of bliss is immensely healing as it holds the codes, templates, and blueprints of the Creator’s truth. When you call on our energies to download into you and support your ascension, we will share and activate bliss within you. Thus, we are activating codes, templates, and blueprints of truth that will awaken knowingness, remembrance, and clarity within all aspects of your being. This enables illusion to dissolve and a clearer understanding of yourself and the Creator to develop. In truth, the vibration of bliss restores and reactivates your alignment with the Creator within you.