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Be Kind

Be Kind The Gaia Collective through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, it is not possible to exactly foresee what humans will choose from the many options available at this time and how they will act on them. As much as many of you want to be told that the future, as you say, is set in stone, it is not. Free choice determines the outcome of your lives as limited-consciousness humans sharing this beautiful Earth as your beloved home.

Indeed, it seems to many of you that the powers of darkness and limitations that have controlled numerous aspects of your reality are surging and being reinforced. Many lies that continued subjugation and control are the only acceptable realities available to you, and the strong arm of force will continue to enslave you to serve those whose actions do not have the common good in mind.

This is an illusion, dear ones, but a good one, as it has been used across time to subjugate humankind through fear. The sense that you are essentially powerless to change the aspects of your world, especially in benevolent ways (which matter to all people), has been a common theme used to lull you into accepting these lies.